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Best Browser For Using Complex Web Applications?

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yanyan writes “I’m fairly new to the field of web application development. Currently i’m working on a big online ticketing system for passage and freight for a local shipping company. It’s a one-man show and the system is written in Ruby and uses Rails. Aside from the requisite functionality of creating bookings the system must also print reports and tickets, and this is where i’ve discovered (the hard way) that most, if not all, browsers fall short. I’ve had to switch from Firefox 3.6.3 to Opera 10.53 because of a major printing bug in Firefox, but the latest stable Opera is also giving me its own share of problems. To complicate things, an earlier version of Opera (10.10) doesn’t appear to have 10.53′s printing problems, but i’m wary. What browsers and specific versions do you end up deploying for use with big, complex web apps that include printing? Also consider CSS accuracy and consistency.”

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