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LimeWire Sued Again, Publishers Seek $150,000 Per Song

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betterunixthanunix writes “Another lawsuit has been filed against LimeWire, this time by the National Music Publishers Association. They claim that LimeWire also damaged them, and seek $150,000 per infringement, putting the maximum possible damages in the hundreds of millions of dollars. LimeWire seems to have become the latest music industry punching bag. ‘David Israelite, chief executive of the publishers’ association, said his organization had decided to bring the complaint because most publishers were not represented in the record company lawsuit and they were now confident that they had a winning case. … LimeWire, which says it is trying to start a new paid subscription model, said in a statement on Wednesday that it welcomed the publishers to the table. ‘”

Source: LimeWire Sued Again, Publishers Seek $150,000 Per Song

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