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AT&T Temporarily Suspends New iPhone 4 Pre-Orders

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ATT security breach due to fraud update

Apple and AT&T had major issues with iPhone 4 pre-orders yesterday. AT&T is apparently still trying to sort out the issues.

Apart from the massive surge in traffic that caused severe downtimes on these websites, we had also reported about a major security breach that was noticed by several AT&T customers.

Customers had reported that they were able to see private account information of some other user when they logged in to their account on AT&T’s website.

Gizmodo reports that a lot of private information including the address, phone calls and bills of these customers were compromised. The issue resulted in AT&T taking their system completely down for troubleshooting.

In a statement sent to Gizmodo, AT&T has assured its subscribers that no confidential information was leaked. 

The carrier has written that they "have been unable to replicate the issue, but the information displayed did not include call-detail records, social security numbers, or credit card information."

According to Gizmodo's internal source, the latest security issue is connected to a major fraud update that was rolled out on the AT&T servers last Sunday. The source points out that the carrier conducted no testing of the updated systems before they were opened up for the iPhone 4 pre-orders.

"Over the weekend there was a major fraud update that went down on all of AT&T's systems, from Saturday overnight to Sunday early morning. All systems were down and agents were unable to use any systems.

The issues people are seeing at AT&T stores and online are most likely related to this update that went wrong.

I do know that there was absolutely NO TESTING of this system done before the launch of the new iPhone. I know it's just heresay at this point, but I can confirm that there was a major outage over the weekend that impacted all ordering systems and programs, and I can confirm that there were multiple systems being upgraded/updated, with some updates being related to fraud."

The AT&T source has also conceded that while the database issue is a rare occurrence, it has happened in the past as well. AT&T and Apple have not issued a media statement in this regard. Did you pre-order your iPhone 4 from AT&T's website? Did you face similar issues on the AT&T website yesterday? 

AT&T has also temporarily suspended new iPhone 4 pre-orders currently to fulfill the orders that were placed by customers yesterday. According to a statement by AT&T:

iPhone 4 pre-order sales yesterday were 10-times higher than the first day of pre-ordering for the iPhone 3G S last year. Consumers are clearly excited about iPhone 4, AT&T’s more affordable data plans and our early upgrade pricing.

Given this unprecedented demand and our current expectations for our iPhone 4 inventory levels when the device is available June 24, we’re suspending pre-ordering today in order to fulfill the orders we’ve already received.

The availability of additional inventory will determine if we can resume taking pre-orders.

If you haven't pre-ordered your iPhone 4 yet then you can still pre-order it on Apple's Online Store or use Apple's new Apple Store iOS Application but please remember that it will be delivered to you only by July 2nd according to Apple's website as iPhone 4s for launch day are completely sold out

As we had mentioned yesterday, if you’ve pre-ordered your iPhone 4 by going to AT&T’s retail stores hoping to get it on the day of the launch then we would recommend you to call them to get a confirmation on the delivery date.


Apple's US website now says that iPhone 4 will be delivered only by July 14 (just changed from July 2nd few minutes ago), if you pre-order one now. Thanks Jorgie for the tip!

[via Gizmodo]

Source: AT&T Temporarily Suspends New iPhone 4 Pre-Orders

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