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178 Arrested In US/EU Credit Card Cloning Ops

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eldavojohn writes with this report from Brian Krebs: “Authorities have moved in on 178 people accused of working in credit card cloning labs across the USA and Europe but with the bulk of the work apparently operating out of Spain. The source states that ‘Police in fourteen countries participated a two-year investigation, initiated in Spain where police have discovered 120,000 stolen credit card numbers and 5,000 cloned cards, arrested 76 people and dismantled six cloning labs. The raids were made primarily in Romania, France, Italy, Germany, Ireland and the United States, with arrests also made in Australia, Sweden, Greece, Finland and Hungary. The detainees are also suspected of armed robbery, blackmail, sexual exploitation and money-laundering, the police said.’ Krebs notes a new credit card debuting at Turkish banks that appears to have a built in LCD that has a random six digit number associated with each transaction much like RSA SecurID keys used for computer logins.”

Source: 178 Arrested In US/EU Credit Card Cloning Ops

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