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Why I Almost Gave OpenBSD $100,000–But Didn’t

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It is never a happy occasion to realize that a not-for-profit group, no matter how destitute or successful, is undeserving of charitable donations. And just last week I had such an unhappy realization. I wanted to donate a sizable sum of money to the OpenBSD Foundation for development of the OpeBSD operating system and other related projects. My uncle, an old Unix graybeard from the Seventies, devoted his retirement and considerable savings to teaching inner-city youth about computers and programming. He recently passed away and left instructions in his will that I donate money, in the amount of US $100,000, to “the most meritorious Free, Unix-like operating system” as according to my own research into the matter. [From http://www.trollaxor.com/2010/06/why-i-almost-gave-openbsd-100000-didnt.html.]

Source: Why I Almost Gave OpenBSD $100,000–But Didn’t

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