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Walmart, Radio Shack And Best Buy To Also Sell iPhone 4 At Launch

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iPhone 4 on third party retailers

Radio Shack has announced that their stores will start taking iPhone 4 pre-orders starting June 15.

In a message posted on Twitter, the company has also confirmed that the sale of iPhone 4 shall commence in the stores from June 24 – the  day when the new iPhone is expected to officially launch to the public.

Radio Shack is not the only retailer to have made their iPhone 4 announcements. With pre-orders slated to open in just a few more days, other retailers too have been making their announcements in this regard. 

CNET has reported that Wal-Mart will be another retailer to start offering iPhone 4 from June 24. While Wal-Mart has sold iPhones in the past as well, it may be noted that this is the first time when the company shall be introducing the iPhone on the official launch day. However, unlike Radio Shack, Wal-Mart has indicated that their stores will not be taking iPhone 4 pre-orders.

Best Buy is yet to make any official announcement over the availability of iPhone 4 in their stores. However, folks at Engadget have confirmed from sources that iPhone 4 shall indeed be sold on Best Buy from June 24. The source has also revealed that there will be a minimum of 30 units of iPhone 4 32GB and 15 units of the iPhone 4 16GB model stocked in each of the Best Buy stores. There is no word on whether Best Buy will offer pre-orders to their customers.

Quite evidently, iPhone 4 shall also be available on AT&T and Apple Stores. However, with the iPhone being offered through several third party channels this time, we wonder if Apple shall manage to draw the characteristic long lines of people ahead of launch day. What do you think? Will you be buying your new iPhone on June 24? Tell us in the comments. 

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Source: Walmart, Radio Shack And Best Buy To Also Sell iPhone 4 At Launch

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