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What Gamers Have In Common With Top Athletes

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nk497 writes “It’s no surprise that professional gamers aren’t quite as fit as elite athletes, but they do have something in common. According to a British academic, top-level players show similar psychological attributes as top athletes, such as the ability to manage anxiety, and have reaction times on par with fighter pilots. Dr. Micklewright said, ‘When I first got asked to do [the study], my initial reaction was “don’t be ridiculous, gaming is nothing like sport.” But the more I thought about it, the more similarities [became clear], and I became more and more convinced that it was close in many ways to sport.’ While sitting in front of a screen might not have the same physical demands as running a marathon, neither do playing snooker or darts. Still, while gamers show good reflexes, their health was worse than expected, with one 20-something professional player showing the same aerobic health as a 60-year-old smoker.” This story is based on a BBC radio report which you can currently hear, although that link seems to say that it won’t last.

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