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Racket Released

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Racket is a programming language. Racket is the language implementation formerly known as PLT Scheme. Racket is available now. To quote the release announcement:

With Racket, you can script command shells and web servers; you can

quickly prototype animations and complex GUIs; regexps and threads

are here to serve you. To organize your systems, you can mix and

match classes, modules or components. Best of all, you start

without writing down types. If you later wish to turn your script

into a program, equip your Racket modules with explicit type

declarations as you wish. And Racket doesn’t just come as a typed

variant; you can also write your modules in a purely functional and

lazy dialect.

Racket comes in so many flavors because Racket is much more than a

standard scripting language or a plain programming language. Racket

supports language extensibility to an unequaled degree. A Racket

programmer knows that making up a new language is as easy as writing

a new library.

If you haven’t looked at, say, Typed Racket or how to create your own languages in Racket, now might be a good time.

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