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Olympus Digital Camera Ships With a Worm

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An anonymous reader writes “Olympus Japan has issued a warning to customers who have bought its Stylus Tough 6010 digital compact camera that it comes with an unexpected extra — a virus on its internal memory card. The Autorun worm cannot infect the camera itself, but if it is plugged into a Windows computer’s USB port, it can copy itself onto the PC, then subsequently infect any attached USB device. Olympus says it ‘humbly apologizes’ for the incident, which is believed to have affected some 1,700 units. The company said it will make every effort to improve its quality control procedures in future. Security company Sophos says that more companies need to wake up to the need for better quality control to ensure that they don’t ship virus-infected gadgets. At the same time, consumers should learn to always ensure Autorun is disabled, and scan any device for malware before they use it on their computer.”

Source: Olympus Digital Camera Ships With a Worm

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