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Computex 2010 Tablet PC Round-Up With Video

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MojoKid writes “At Computex 2010, devices like the Eee Pad and Eee Tablet were all the rage. Of course the bulk of these were Intel Atom-based systems, but there were a number of NVIDIA Tegra 2-based models in the mix as well. What is glaringly apparent on all of these tablets — and absent on the iPad — are the multitude of connectivity options built into them, like USB ports, flash card readers, and video output ports. Obviously, from a hardware perspective, the iPad is a sexy device; but Apple’s true mastery is that of the user interface. The first big player that steps up with something competitive to Apple in that regard will have the pole position in 2010′s race for the hot re-emergent tablet market.” Reader Raikus adds an opinionated
summary of winners and losers at “Tabletpalooza,” i.e. Computex 2010.

Source: Computex 2010 Tablet PC Round-Up With Video

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