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SquareTrade Announces Cheaper iPhone Warranty Program

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SquareTrade iPhone warranty program

Popular electronics warranty provider, SquareTrade, has launched a revamped iPhone specific warranty program that will offer customers coverage against "drops, spills and normal use failures" of their iPhones.

The iPhone warranty plan is priced at $124 for a two year coverage though it is currently being offered for $99 as an introductory offer.

SquareTrade claims to repair close to 80% of the units on the same day with free over-night shipping of iPhones to and from the depot. The company also offers to reimburse cash of up to $599 to users whose iPhones cannot be fixed. Users willing to sign up for the warranty plan need to do so within 90 days of purchase.

Please note that if you've purchased a SquareTrade warranty on the same day as the iPhone then coverage begins immediately, but if you purchase the policy on a later date within the 90-day window then you'll be subject to a 30-day waiting period for accidental damage coverage. The SquareTrade warranty also contains a deductible of $50 per claim.

SquareTrade's announcement of the new iPhone warranty program comes just days ahead of the launch of the new iPhone model. Anticipating a spike in warranty requests in the coming weeks, SquareTrade has already included the "iPhone 4G 32GB" and "iPhone 4G 64GB" models on its website. These models are likely to be replaced with the actual product name (iPhone 4G, iPhone HD or something else) after Apple's announcement on Monday.

Please note that SquareTrade's warranty offer does not protect users against loss and theft of iPhones. Despite this shortcoming, the warranty may be seen as a highly cost-effective alternative to AT&T's rumored MobileProtect Insurance plan. You may recall our reports from late last month about the rumored AT&T insurance offer that will provide iPhones coverage from a wide array of vulnerabilities at a price of $13.99 per month. AT&T's MobileProtect is expected to be announced tomorrow.

SquareTrade has posted price and feature comparisons of the various iPhone warranty plans on their website. 

SquareTrade announces new iPhone warranty program

SquareTrade announces new iPhone warranty program

What do you think? Do you find $99 reasonable for a two year warranty period? Tell us in the comments. 

[SquareTrade via MacRumors]

Source: SquareTrade Announces Cheaper iPhone Warranty Program

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