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Mixed Reception To AT&T’s New Data Pricing Scheme

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Several readers have sent in followups to Wednesday’s news that AT&T was eliminating its unlimited data plan. Glenn Derene at Popular Mechanics defends the new plan, writing, “Imagine, for a moment, if we bought electricity the way we buy data in this country. Every month, you would pay a fixed amount of money (say, $120), and then you would use as much electricity as you wanted, with an incentive to use as much as you could. That brings price stability to the end user, but it’s a horrible way to manage electricity load.” Others point out that this will likely engender more scrutiny from regulatory agencies and watchdog groups. A ComputerWorld article says that one way or the other, AT&T’s decision is a huge deal for the mobile computing industry, influencing not only how other carriers look at data rates, but how content providers and advertisers will need to start thinking about a data budget if they want consumers to keep visiting their sites. AT&T, responding to criticism, has decided to allow iPad buyers to use the old, unlimited plan as long as they order before June 7th, and Gizmodo has raised the question of “rollover bytes.”

Source: Mixed Reception To AT&T’s New Data Pricing Scheme

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