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Hitachi-LG Debuts HyDrive, Optical Drive With SSD

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MojoKid writes “A fairly new Hitachi-LG joint venture announced the world’s first hybrid optical drive, called the HyDrive. This unique device is a notebook optical drive with an SSD built in. So when you slide it into your machine and it connects via SATA 3Gbps, your computer recognizes not only a DVD burner / Blu-ray drive, but also a 32GB or 64GB SSD. This configuration allows you to have an SSD without taking up the single 2.5″ storage slot within your laptop, so you could then have an optical drive, an SSD, and the standard hard drive as well. There are also a few nice tricks you can play in caching with the on-board SSD. Error correction techniques can be employed that allowed a damaged disk to be be playable.” The HyDrive will ship to OEMs in August; a smaller version usable in netbooks is planned for 2011. The Register has some more technical details and specs.

Source: Hitachi-LG Debuts HyDrive, Optical Drive With SSD

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