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Study Claims Cellphones Implicated In Bee Loss

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krou passes along word from Telegraph.co.uk that researchers from Chandigarh’s Punjab University claim that they have proven mobile phones could explain Colony Collapse Disorder. “They set up a controlled experiment in Punjab earlier this year comparing the behavior and productivity of bees in two hives — one fitted with two mobile telephones which were powered on for two 15-minute sessions per day for three months. The other had dummy models installed. After three months the researchers recorded a dramatic decline in the size of the hive fitted with the mobile phone, a significant reduction in the number of eggs laid by the queen bee. The bees also stopped producing honey. The queen bee in the ‘mobile’ hive produced fewer than half of those created by her counterpart in the normal hive. They also found a dramatic decline in the number of worker bees returning to the hive after collecting pollen.” We’ve talked about the honeybee problem before. Today’s article quotes a British bee specialist who dismisses talk of cellphone radiation having anything to do with the problem.

Source: Study Claims Cellphones Implicated In Bee Loss

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