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Foxconn Workers Getting Raise With Apple Subsidies

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hackingbear writes “Workers at Taiwanese electronic outsourcing manufacturer Foxconn are getting a pay raise after a series of 13 suicides, including three in three consecutive days. According to an article by state-run newspaper China Daily, Apple concluded that the main cause of the suicides is low wages. (The media has also attributed the suicides to a variety of other factors — everything from the semi-military style of management, to long overtime, to China’s one-child policy, and Foxconn paying too much compensation to the family of suicide workers, thereby encouraging copycat suicides.) Apple plans to subsidize raises using its own products (Google translation; Chinese original here) — the first one being the iPad. This would raise the outsourcing cost from 2.3% to 3% of the iPad’s sales price. The article does not say the amount of the raise per worker, but it is rumored to be about 20%, according to other Chinese news sources.”

Source: Foxconn Workers Getting Raise With Apple Subsidies

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