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UK Students Build Electric Car With 248-Mile Range

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da_how writes “A group of students and graduates at Imperial College London have built an electric car with a massive range — 248+ miles on a charge at ‘reasonable’ highway speeds (60 mph). They did this by filling the car to the absolute max with as many lithium iron phosphate batteries as possible — 56 kWh — and designing a very efficient direct drive powertrain, about 90% batteries-to-wheels at highway speeds. The choice of vehicle is an interesting one: it’s a converted Radical SR8 — a track racing car with a speed record on the Nurburgring. Not an obvious contender for an endurance vehicle (no windscreen either!) — but then they claim it’s lightweight to start with, being constructed of steel space frame and glass fiber. Also, Radical is based in the UK and provided some help and sponsorship. The students plan to drive their ‘SRZero’ 15,000 miles down the Pan American Highway, beginning July 8 in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, and ending up in Tierra Del Fuego three month later. That’s about 60 charges.”

Source: UK Students Build Electric Car With 248-Mile Range

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