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Microsoft Bing To Replace Google Search On The iPhone?

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Apple to replace Google search with Bing

TechCrunch has reported that a potential search deal between Microsoft and Apple may be in the works.

TechCrunch claims that according to multiple sources, Apple is likely to announce a new search-deal for iPhone OS 4.0, which will see Bing replacing Google as the default search engine on the iPhone.

We would like to point out that these are still early rumors at this point. In fact, TechCrunch also quotes another source who says that the partnership is "more complicated than this" and that Google may not be removed from the iPhone. Google is rumored to have signed a $100 million per year deal with Apple for the search rights though TechCrunch's sources have refuted this claim. 

Despite these prevailing doubts, a new search engine partnership is quite likely. Relationship between Apple and Google have turned sour in the past few months due to a head-on rivalry between the two companies in a growing number of areas. Google's foray into the mobile platform business with the release of Android OS is noted to have irked Steve Jobs in the past. In January this year, Google went a step ahead with the launch of the Nexus One. Following this, Apple announced their foray into the mobile advertising business with the launch of iAd. These increasing areas of conflict has meant that it does not make strategic sense for Apple to continue their search partnership with their primary rival. 

This does not however trivialize the competition between Apple and Microsoft. The two companies have been competing in the desktop computer space for over two decades. The past few months has seen the launch of Microsoft Kin phones and Windows Phone 7 mobile OS platform that compete with Apple's mobile offerings. However, Apple is likely to see Microsoft as a lesser threat considering their lower profile in the mobile phone space. You may also note that Apple overtook Microsoft (for a day) as the most valued technology company recently.

Given these circumstances, it will be interesting if these rumors turn out to be true. Also, we have heard rumors that Apple will replace Google Maps with their in-house application on iPhone OS 4.0. Apple had acquired PlaceBase, a mapping software company, in July last year. 

What do you think about the possibility of a Apple-Microsoft partnership? Do you think replacing Google with Bing is a good move? Tell us your views in the comments. 

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Source: Microsoft Bing To Replace Google Search On The iPhone?

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