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Walmart Drops Price Of iPhone 3GS To $97 Ahead Of iPhone 4G Launch

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iPhone 3Gs price drop

Walmart has announced a reduction in the price of iPhone 3GS starting today. It is offering a 16GB iPhone 3GS model for only $97 (instead of $197) with a two-year AT&T contract. 

The deal currently appears to be active only for in-store purchases.

The announcement comes close on the heels of a recent article on Boy Genius Report where it was revealed that Apple may have stopped the shipment of entry-level 8GB iPhone 3G units to AT&T's retail stores. 

An apparent shortage in the supply of iPhone 3G model was also noted by customers in Australia and United Kingdom. 

These latest developments are pretty strong indicators of an imminent launch of a new iPhone 4G model. With Apple likely to retain the standard $199/$299 price points for its upcoming iPhone models, a drop in the price of the older generation iPhone was very much on the cards. You may recall that Apple had announced a similar price cut for iPhone 3G when the third generation iPhone 3GS model was unveiled last year.

There is however an interesting point to note here with respect to the timing of the announcement. Unlike last year when Apple announced a drop in price of iPhone 3G during the WWDC 2009 Keynote address, this year's price cut on iPhone 3GS has been announced close to two weeks ahead of WWDC. This may possibly support earlier speculations that iPhone 4G may go on sale on June 7. For a perspective, you may note that iPhone 3GS was available on stores nearly 11 days after it was unveiled at WWDC last year. 

With a spate of rumors and speculations doing the rounds in the past few weeks over the iPhone's new design, features and network connectivity, we cannot wait to watch the WWDC Keynote address this year. How about you? 

[via Associated Press]

Source: Walmart Drops Price Of iPhone 3GS To $97 Ahead Of iPhone 4G Launch

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