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Adobe Founders On Flash and Internet Standards

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An anonymous reader points out an 18-month-old interview with the founders of Adobe (and creators of PostScript) Charles Geschke and John Warnock, and highlights three interesting quotes from the book Masterminds of Programming that seem very timely now. “‘It is so frustrating that this many years later we’re still in an environment where someone says if you really want this to work you have to use Firefox. The whole point of the universality of the Web would be to not have those kind of distinctions, but we’re still living with them. It’s always fascinating to see how long it takes for certain pieces of historical antiquity to die away. The more you put them in the browsers you’ve codified them as eternal, and that’s stupid. … With Flash what we’re trying to do is both beef it up and make it robust enough so that at least you can get one language that’s platform-independent and will move from platform to platform without hitting you every time you turn around with different semantics. … You can see why, to a certain extent, Apple and Microsoft view that as a challenge because they would like you to buy into their implementation of how the seamless integration with the Web goes. What we’re saying is it really shouldn’t matter. That cloud ought to be accessible by anybody’s computer and through any sort of information sitting out on the Web.”

Source: Adobe Founders On Flash and Internet Standards

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