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High Altitude Balloon Tweets Earth

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celsomartinho writes Spacebits is yet another low cost High Altitude Balloon (HAB) with a computer probe being launched to near space in the 30th of May, this time in Portugal, Europe. The twist with this project, besides the usual very cool electronics, cameras and sensors and other paraphernalia on-board, is the fact that the team provided the online community with a real time web dashboard so that everyone can follow the ~2 hour journey up to 100.000 feet and back to earth. Real time data includes measurements from all it’s sensors, including temperature, pressure, humidity and air quality, altitude, acceleration and GPS coordinates and a live twitter feed. The team is also using a public GSM network to send SMSes lat/lon/alt coordinates to anyone willing to go on-launch-site and participate in the probe hunt.” The balloon goes off memorial day weekend, so bookmark the page if you’re on call.

Source: High Altitude Balloon Tweets Earth

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