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Scientific R&D At Home?

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An anonymous reader writes “I’m currently on the cusp of getting myself a new hobby and making some investments. There are a few areas that interest me greatly, from playing with EEG/ECG and trying to put together a DIY sleep lab, to astronomy, etc. I’m somewhat hesitant to get into these fields because (despite the potentially short-lived enjoyment factor) I’m not convinced they are areas that would lend themselves to making new discoveries in the home and with home equipment, which is what I’d really like to do. I’ve also read quite a number of articles on ‘bio hacking,’ and the subject seems interesting, but it also seems futile without an expensive lab (not to mention years of experience). What R&D hobbies do Slashdotters have that provide them with opportunities to make interesting discoveries and potentially chart new territory in the home? Do such hobbies exist?”

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