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Federal Court Issues Permanent Injunction For Isohunt

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suraj.sun writes with this excerpt from NewTeeVee: “Judge Stephen Wilson of the US District Court of California, Southern District issued a permanent injunction [PDF] against the popular torrent site Isohunt yesterday, forcing the site and its owner Garry Fung to immediately prevent access to virtually all Hollywood movies. The injunction theoretically leaves the door open for the site to deploy a strict filtering system, but its terms are so broad that Isohunt has little choice but to shut down or at the very least block all US visitors. … The verdict states that they have to cease ‘hosting, indexing, linking to, or otherwise providing access to any (torrent) or similar files’ that can be used to download the studios’ movies and TV shows. Studios have to supply Isohunt with a list of titles of works they own, and Isohunt has to start blocking those torrents within 24 hours.”

Source: Federal Court Issues Permanent Injunction For Isohunt

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