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Novell Changes Enterprise Linux Kernel Mid-Stream

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darthcamaro writes “Enterprise Linux kernels, from Red Hat or Novell don’t change version numbers inside of a release right? While that has been the case for the last decade of Red Hat and Novell releases, Novell is breaking the mold with SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 service pack one. Instead of backporting new kernel features to the kernel they originally shipped with — which maintains software and hardware vendor certification — they’ve re-based their Linux kernel version altogether. ‘”There were some things that led us to update the kernel itself, which is something that we normally don’t do: Neither SLES 9 or SLES 10 got a kernel update,” Markus Rex, director of open platform solutions at Novell, told InternetNews.com. “But in this particular case, after deep discussion with our ISV and hardware vendors that gave us certifications, we felt in this case a kernel update was the appropriate step to take.’”

Source: Novell Changes Enterprise Linux Kernel Mid-Stream

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