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Theora Development Continues Apace, VP8 Now Open Source

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SergeyKurdakov writes “Monty ‘xiphmont’ Montgomery of the Xiph Foundation, says the latest action-packed, graph- and demo-clip-stuffed Theora project update page (demo 9) is now up for all and sundry! Catch up on what’s gone into the new Theora encoder Ptalarbvorm over the last few months. It also instructs how to pronounce ‘Ptalarbvorm.’ Ptalarbvorm is not a finished release encoder yet, though I’ve personally been using it in production for a few months. Pace on improvements hasn’t slowed down — the subjective psychovisual work being done by Tim Terriberry and Greg Maxwell has at least doubled-again on the improvements made by Thusnelda, and they’re not anywhere near done yet. As a bonus Monty gathered all Xiph demo pages in one place.”

Also on the video codec front, and also with a Xiph connection, atamido writes “Google has released On2′s VP8 video codec to the world, royalty-free. It is packaging it with Vorbis audio, in a subset of the Matroska container, and calling it WebM. It’s not branded as an exclusively Google project — Mozilla and Opera are also contributors. Builds of your favorite browsers with full support are available.”

Source: Theora Development Continues Apace, VP8 Now Open Source

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