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Cherrypal Mini-Laptop Now Runs Android

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kriston writes in about a new development with the Cherrypal mini laptop, which we discussed last December. “The Cherrypal Asia laptop is now shipping with Google Android installed (product page). This replaces the older Cherrypal Asia mini laptops that were running either Windows CE or a custom Linux. The $148 version has a 1024×600 screen while the sub-$100 model runs 800×480. Both laptops run the ARM9-based VIA 8505 SoIC platform at 533 MHz with 256 megabytes of RAM and 2 gigabytes of NAND flash. I’m looking forward to seeing how Android can squeeze more throughput out of the VIA 8505, since Windows CE didn’t do such a great job on the original Cherrypal Asia.”

Source: Cherrypal Mini-Laptop Now Runs Android

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