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Apple Patent Reveals Temporary Location-Specific iPhone Apps

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iPhone location based app patent

Imagine entering a restaurant to be immediately greeted with an iPhone app of the restaurant that lets you check out the wait time or place an order from their menu. 

A new patent application filed by Apple seeks to do exactly this. In the application titled "Location Specific Content", Apple explains the use of GPS and various other positioning systems to dynamically display iPhone applications to users based on their location. 

According to the patent:

"Systems, methods, and computer program products communicate location information associated with a device, such as a mobile device, to a server. Content identified by the server is received at the device, from the server and/or from a content service. The content can include an application associated with the location information. The content received at the device is displayed on the device only while the device is at or near a particular location identified by the location information."

With location based services becoming an increasingly important feature on present day smartphones, such a technology can be pretty useful and powerful. Apple describes two possible scenarios where such an application could come handy. In one example as mentioned earlier, iPhone users entering a restaurant may be promptly provided access to applications that will help them to check on the wait time or place an order. In another example, Apple notes that the technology may be useful to iPhone users visiting a public library where they may be able to search through the digital database of books without having to use one of the library's computers. 

iPhone location based app patent

A technology such as this would also help to unclutter the iPhone Home Screen since it reduces the number of apps that the users have to store on their iPhones.

The patent application was filed in November 2008 and is credited to Apple engineer Scott Herz. As it is with any patent application, we are not sure if this invention will see the light of the day. 

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Source: Apple Patent Reveals Temporary Location-Specific iPhone Apps

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