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FBI To Prosecute ‘Money Mules’

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An anonymous reader writes “A top FBI official said today that the agency is planning a law enforcement sweep against so-called “money mules,” individuals willingly or unwittingly roped into helping organized computer crooks launder money stolen through online banking fraud, writes Krebsonsecurity.com. The author says he has interviewed more than 150 money mules, and find most fit into one of two camps: the not-so-bright, and those who suspect something’s not right, but do it anyway. From the story: “I find most mules fit into the latter group, and you can usually tell because these individuals often will admit to having set up a new account for the job” separate from where they keep their meager savings or checking. When pressed as to why they did this, if they’re honest most will say they weren’t sure about the whole arrangement and wanted to protect their investments just in case their employers turned out to be less-than-honest.”

Source: FBI To Prosecute ‘Money Mules’

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