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Halo 2 Online Preservation Effort Ends

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A couple weeks ago, we discussed news that some dedicated Halo 2 fans were keeping the game’s multiplayer alive after support for online play was dropped. Now, a few days shy of a month after support ended, the last users have been knocked off the server.
“[A user named] Apache N4SIR outlasted everyone. ‘May 11th @ 0158hrs I was FORCEFULLY REMOVED!!’ he wrote on the forums at Bungie.net. ‘I thought I’d be the one turning off the lights but that was done for me. Good night everyone, my Elite needs a rest.’ His last comrade in arms, Agent Windex, was still signed on, as spotted by Kotaku at 4 p.m. US Pacific Time on May 10, but their adventure, which began on April 15, ended after Windex announced 21 minutes later that he had been removed from play and Apache N4SIR suffered a similar fate hours later, as he described in his post.”

Source: Halo 2 Online Preservation Effort Ends

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