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Canonical Bringing an Instant-On Ubuntu

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Today at the Ubuntu Developers Summit, Mark Shuttleworth presented a few upcoming Ubuntu projects, including “Light” versions of the operating system for “both netbook and desktop, that are optimized for dual-boot scenarios.” Shuttleworth also took the wraps off Unity, a new lightweight interface that will be included in Ubuntu Light and eventually in Ubuntu Netbook Edition as well. “First, we want to move the bottom panel to the left of the screen, and devote that to launching and switching between applications. That frees up vertical space for web content, at the cost of horizontal space, which is cheaper in a widescreen world. … Second, we’ll expand that left-hand launcher panel so that it is touch-friendly. With relatively few applications required for instant-on environments, we can afford to be more generous with the icon size there. … Third, we will make the top panel smarter.” Ars got a chance to try out a prototype of Unity, saying, “Its unique visual style melds beautifully with Ubuntu’s new default theme and its underlying interaction model seems compelling and well-suited for small screens.”

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