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iPhone App Helps To Cure Vertigo

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vleky writes “This is thinking outside the box… or head. Dr. Matthew Bromwich of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario has written an iPhone app to help doctors with the Epley maneuver to cure some forms of vertigo. The patient places the iPhone against his or her forehead and the app leads the doctor through the maneuver. Bromwich’s first attempt at the app sounded even more fun. With that version, the iPhone hung from the front of a baseball cap the patient wore, and the patient tried to keep a ball centered in a twisting tube by moving their head. Winning the game meant the maneuver had been successfully completed and the vertigo cured.”

Source: iPhone App Helps To Cure Vertigo

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  • Micheline Dagenais

    I have tried the apps application on an iphone and it was difficult to get the head in the right position – angles without the phone aborting and pressing resume to restart the whole procedure. I did not succeed in doing the procedure. Still looking for a miracle to help this Vertigo and Tinnitus. HELP!


  • Andy

    Hi Micheline,
    I don’t know how to cure vertigo but for tinnius there is a cool app ‘tinnitus help’ at the app store that reduced my tinnitus extremely. I like this app also because of many included sounds of nature. Just a thought.


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