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9/11 Made Us Safer, Says Bruce Schneier

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richi writes “Security guru and BT CTO Bruce Schneier discusses terrorist attacks. In fact, Bruce seems to be saying that 9/11 actually made us safer from terrorists, which seems like a curious argument. While Bruce’s blog post is interesting and no-doubt insightful, I’m not sure I really buy it. And what’s the deal with the new rules for searching the TSA No Fly List? Why is it, in 2010, we’re still mucking about with publishing database extracts and waiting hours for them to be searched? How about checking within seconds of an update? Couldn’t someone volunteer to show them how to implement a reliable, scalable, NoSQL setup? Instead, the TSA plan to fix this is a classic ‘big government’ solution.”

Source: 9/11 Made Us Safer, Says Bruce Schneier

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