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Air Force Treating Wounds With Lasers and Nanotech

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An anonymous reader passes along a piece up on Wired’s Danger Room about advanced medical tech that’s being used in the military, but is not available generally due to the lack of FDA approval. “Forget stitches and old-school sutures. The Air Force is funding scientists who are using nanotechnology and lasers to seal up wounds at a molecular level. It might sound like Star Trek tech, but it’s actually the latest in a series of ambitious Pentagon efforts to create faster, more effective methods of treating war-zone injuries. … Instead of being sealed up with a needle and thread, a patient’s wound would be coated in a dye, then exposed to green light for 2-3 minutes. The dye absorbs the light and catalyzes molecular bonds between the tissue’s collagen. The bonds instantly create a seal that’s watertight, which prevents inflammation or risk of infection, and speeds up the formation of scar tissue.”

Source: Air Force Treating Wounds With Lasers and Nanotech

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