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Wii 2 Delay Is Hurting Nintendo

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BanjoTed writes “Michael Pachter’s ongoing spat with Nintendo regarding the Wii 2 is well documented. Pachter is sure it’s coming, Nintendo says it’s not. Now the analyst has gone one further by claiming that the declining sales of the Wii documented in the platform holder’s recent financial statements will only get worse unless it speeds up attempts to get its successor to market. He said, ‘The reason for this is clear: the software being created is just not interesting enough or compelling enough to drive Wii owners to buy more than two [games] per year, and most of those purchases are first party software. We can blame the third party publishers for making shovelware, or for misjudging the Wii market, but the simple fact is that the publishers have to develop completely separate games for the Wii because its CPU is not powerful.’”

Source: Wii 2 Delay Is Hurting Nintendo

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