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How Do You Handle Your Keys?

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arisvega writes “I lost my backpack some time ago, but was lucky enough to had left my laptop at home that night, and my cell and keys in my pocket. The inevitable habit-change that followed was to start strapping my keys on my pants, so at least I would still be able to get home (as long as I kept my pants on). But I realized that they are so many: one for the outer door, two for the inner, three more for my girlfriends place, one for the office, one for the postbox, one for my bicycle, the car, the motorbike and the roof … Plus, I keep a tiny Swiss Army knife on my keychain that I really wouldn’t want to part with; needless to say, this makes a jingly bunch that eats through my pocket. I ask you, Slashdot people, how do you carry/safeguard a hefty, pronouncedly jingly bunch of keys? What are the alternatives? Any suggestions on clothing or technology? Would having ‘The One Key’ make things better, or worse?”

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