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CBSA Reveals Some Laptop Search Info, But Not Much

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gmcmullen writes “The Canada Border Service Agency took its time getting documents on its policy for border searches of laptops to the BC Civil Liberties Association in response to an Access to Information request the BCCLA filed in October 2009. When the reply did come through, there wasn’t much there. The documents were heavily redacted and whole sections of the Access to Information request were ignored, including requests for information on the number of laptops searched and policies for copying data from electronic devices. We did learn that the CBSA knows that 500 megabytes is roughly equivalent to ‘a pickup truck full of books,’ and use Windows-only software called ICWhatUC to scan for images. Documents also revealed that the CBSA understands that most ‘Japanese Anime’ is not child pornography, and that your family photos (even with kids in the tub) aren’t child pornography either. We’ve made the documents we did receive available online so you can see for yourself.”

Source: CBSA Reveals Some Laptop Search Info, But Not Much

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