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RFID Checks Student Attendance in Arizona

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The student newspaper at UW-Madison is running a piece about the use of RFID to check lecture attendance at Northern Arizona University. One poster to an email discussion list suggested that getting around this system would be simple if “all one has to do is walk into a classroom with 10 RFID-enabled cards in their pocket.” “The new system will use sensors to detect students’ university identification cards when they enter classrooms, according to NAU spokesperson Tom Bauer. The data will be recorded and available for professors to examine. … [The spokesman] added the sensors, paid for by federal stimulus money, initially would only be installed in large freshmen and sophomore classes with more than 50 students. NAU Student Body President Kathleen Templin said most students seem to be against the new system. She added students have started Facebook groups and petitions against the sensor system. …one of the most popular Facebook groups… has more than 1,400 members.” What are the odds that the use of tracking RFID will expand over time on that campus?

Source: RFID Checks Student Attendance in Arizona

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