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Metasploit As Case Study In Selling a FOSS Project

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coondoggie sends in a Network World interview with HD Moore on the occasion of the commercial release of Metasploit by Rapid7, the company that bought it half a year ago. The pseudonomous author uses the occasion to explore the question of what happens to a vital open source project once it is sold commercially. “Metasploit might become one of the first examples of how a completely FOSS project grows up to be successful. It is the venture capital model without the startup money (though VCs are funding plenty of OS startups these days, too). Build it. They will come. Someone will buy it. And if you want them to stay, the FOSS project better be remain as well supported as the eventual commercial version. This isn’t the first open source project to have been bought by a big guy. And the jury is still out on on most of them. I could argue that Metasploit is a bit unique in that it didn’t have a commercial arm when Rapid7 acquired it. That could not be said about SUSE or mySQL or even Gluecode (bought by IBM), etc.”

Source: Metasploit As Case Study In Selling a FOSS Project

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