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Next Ubuntu Linux To Be a Maverick

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VincenzoRomano writes “While the latest version of Ubuntu is still smoking hot, the Ubuntu development community is already working on the next step. Both the Wiki and the bug tracking system at Launchpad have already been set up for Maverick Meerkat, which will be version number 10.10. This confirms the usual naming and numbering schema and the fact that the final release should be due sometime within the forthcoming October. This next version, which obviously won’t be Long Term Support (LTS), should sport a lighter and faster environment with GNOME 3.0, aka GNOME Shell, among the main advances. Everything has been explained by Mr. Shuttleworth in his own blog since the beginning of April. It’s important to say to the impatient among us that the first alpha release is not due earlier than the end of June, so maybe it’d be better to take advantage of the Lucid Lynx while the technical overview of the Meerkat will start getting more details.”

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