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Meet the Men Who Deploy Airstrikes

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Lanxon writes “Wired followed US Army Staff Sergeant Kevin Rosner into Afghanistan to see first-hand the tools, tactics and pressures involved in coordinating military airstrikes. This lengthy piece explores the people and technology involved in high-risk airborne warfare, from their perspective. From the article: ‘Strapped to his chest, Rosner carries a handheld video player called a “Rover,” built by L3 Communications, a New York-based defense contractor. The device, the size and shape of a PSP game console and costing tens of thousands of dollars, reads signals transmitted by the camera pods strapped to the underside of all NATO fighter aircraft. With his Rover, Rosner can see everything a pilot sees, from the pilot’s perspective. On his back he carries a radio programmed with secure frequencies that tie him directly to the pilots overhead and to his unit’s headquarters, several miles away. At the headquarters, another JTAC monitors a bigger, more sophisticated video terminal that displays the same video Rosner sees, plus other data.’”

Source: Meet the Men Who Deploy Airstrikes

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