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iPad 3G Vs iPhone 3GS: 3G Speed And GPS Improvements

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iPad 3G test

The 3G enabled version of Apple iPad was finally launched yesterday. The new model has a couple of notable additions over the older Wi-Fi only version, namely, 3G internet connectivity and GPS functionality. 

So how does the new iPad compare in performance over iPad Wi-Fi and iPhone 3GS? Folks at Gizmodo have published results of their study that offers some interesting perspectives.

3G Speed:

Under similar operating conditions, Gizmodo's study concludes that the time taken to download or upload data over iPad 3G was pretty comparable to data transfer over iPhone 3GS. Both the devices were noted to carry similar signal strength and latency through the testing period. However, Gizmodo makes an interesting observation about the user experience on an iPad over 3G compared to an iPhone 3GS:

"even though the performance of the iPad and the 3GS over the same AT&T 3G network were almost identical, the iPad felt slow, mainly because of how much faster the iPad's CPU can render pages. It was waiting for data that was just trickling in."

iPad 3G test

iPad 3G test

iPad 3G test

iPad 3G test

GPS Improvements:

Gizmodo's study points to an interesting observation with respect to GPS functionality on iPad 3G. The study notes that the iPad takes marginally more time to pull a final GPS lock as compared to iPhone 3GS. However, the lock on iPad was stronger and its GPS was observed to be much more accurate compared to GPS measurements on iPhone 3GS. 

Gizmodo's conclusion finds resonance with observations from several iPad 3G owners who have posted their experience on MacRumors. One member writes,

"With the iPhone navigon would jump me around and tell me to get on the freeway when I was already on the freeway. With the iPad 3G … It updated my position in real time while I was pulling out of my driveway … 40 ft."

The results are not entirely surprising. Folks at iFixit point out that there is a difference in performance between the GPS units on iPhone 3GS and iPad mainly because the iPad makes use of a new Broadcom BCM4750UBG Single-Chip AGPS Solution while iPhone 3GS uses an Infineon Hammerhead II package.

The initial studies of iPad 3G have been predominantly positive. However, there are still a few areas of concern. We had reported earlier in the day about issues with respect to rendering high resolution videos on several iPad apps. Also, quite expectedly, Skype calls do not work over iPad's 3G network as yet. 

Let us know your thoughts on the new iPad in the comments section below. 

[via MacRumors, Gizmodo]

Source: iPad 3G Vs iPhone 3GS: 3G Speed And GPS Improvements

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