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iPad 3G Users Reporting Downscaled Videos; Some Video Streaming iPad Apps Blocked Over 3G

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iPad 3G video rendering

If you were excited about watching ABC TV on the move with your new iPad 3G, you may be disappointed. News is coming in from folks at iLounge that video applications on iPad do not work as desired over the 3G network.

Early tests have revealed that videos are either downscaled to low resolution or completely blocked when accessed via AT&T's 3G network.

As early testers have noted, iPad's native Youtube app downscales both the standard and HD version of videos to low resolution while rendering over the 3G network. This is also the case with other apps like Netflix where videos are downsampled to pretty low resolutions. iLounge however notes that iTunes video previews continue to be rendered at high resolution.

iPad 3G video rendering

In what may come as further disappointment to users, iLounge also notes that some third-party iPad apps like ABC Player app does not render videos over AT&T 3G network. Users trying to access the app via the cellular network are shown a notification pop-up that reads:

“Please connect to a Wi-Fi network to use this application. Cellular networks are not supported at this time.”

iPad 3G video rendering

According to Silicon Alley Insider editor Dan Frommer, the non-rendering of ABC videos over 3G could be due to content licensing issues and may not have anything to do with the technological aspects. Frommer tweets:

"ABC is wifi only on purpose. I believe rights play a role. (they're different on wifi vs 3G) sounds dumb but true…ABC told me "the decision was based on a variety of business and technical considerations." but no details"

It is not clear whether the issue of resolution downscaling rests with Apple or AT&T at the moment. While Apple is yet to issue a statement in this regard, AT&T is however learnt to have distanced itself away from the issue. In response to an enquiry, an AT&T spokesperson said:

“That’s something you need to ask Apple.”

The iPad is primarily a media consumption device and we wonder if the present issue could potentially hinder the sale of new iPad 3G units. What do you think? Have you got your new iPad 3G? Let us know your first hand experience in the comments below. 

[via iLounge, Dan Frommer Twitter Account]

Source: iPad 3G Users Reporting Downscaled Videos; Some Video Streaming iPad Apps Blocked Over 3G

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