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Avatar Blu-Ray DRM Issues

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geekd writes “Once again, DRM only hurts legit content purchasers: ‘An unusual glitch has angered some Avatar Blu-ray owners. For these unlucky people, since the disc won’t play on their Blu-ray players, their new Avatar DVD serves no real purpose other than to sit idly on the coffee table. … It appears the main culprit concerning playback issues with Avatar is, ironically, the disc’s DRM (digital rights management). … Even with updated firmware, a lot of Blu-ray players weren’t prepared for these security measures. Despite the security problems, bootleggers are having a field day. Pirated copies of Avatar, according to Los Angeles Times, were available as early as January.’”
Reader Murpster adds that this problem isn’t specific to the Blu-ray version: “Got a regular Avatar DVD and it won’t play on either of my DVD players. It will play on one computer DVD drive, if I want to watch it on a 12 inch screen.”

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