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Facebook Videos Will Now Play On iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

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Facebook videos now on iPad

New videos on Facebook should finally work on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch using the mobile Safari browser as Facebook has started encoding videos in h264 format.

So far Facebook videos did not play on iPhone OS devices as Facebook used Adobe Flash, which is not supported.

According to Sarah Perez from ReadWriteWeb, new videos added to Facebook are now being encoded in h264 format that can be played natively on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. 

However, unlike an HTML5 experience where videos can be played from within the mobile Safari browser, Facebook is providing a link to the video that are loaded in full screen mode. This is very similar to the way iPhone OS devices open YouTube videos. A Facebook representative has told TechCrunch that the company might consider using HTML5 in the future.

Despite Facebook's decision to make its web service more iPad-friendly, there is still no official word on a dedicated Facebook app for iPad users. In a conversation with MG Seigler from TechCrunch, a Facebook representative has noted that the company does not have "anything to announce" at this point.

Facebook's decision to encode videos in h264 format is another big blow to Adobe in its attempt to retain the relevance of Flash. Following the successful launch of iPad in the US, a lot of media companies, including the likes of Hulu and The New York Times, have been working on alternate iPad-friendly version of their websites. Adobe's argument that its platform is ubiquitous on the web may soon become irrelevant. 

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Source: Facebook Videos Will Now Play On iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

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