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Police Have Identified The Person Who Found Lost iPhone 4G Prototype

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iPhone prototype in final phase of design

San Jose Business Journal is reporting that Apple had requested for the criminal investigation of lost iPhone 4G prototype incident.

Police have apparently identified and interviewed the person who had found the next generation iPhone prototype that was left by an Apple engineer in a San Jose bar.

It is still not clear whether the person interviewed by the police is the same person who sold the lost iPhone to Gizmodo for $5000.

San Jose Business Journal reports:

Wagstaffe said that an outside counsel for Apple, along with Apple engineer Powell, called the District Attorney’s office on Wednesday or Thursday of last week to report a theft had occurred and they wanted it investigated. The District Attorney’s office then referred them to the Rapid Enforcement and Allied Computer Team, or REACT, a multi-jurisdictional, high-tech crime task force that operates under the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office.

Based on this, California’s Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team entered Gizmodo editor Jason Chen’s house on Friday night with a search warrant and had confiscated a total of 24 items, which includes computers and servers used by him.

However, the investigation had been put on hold as the District Attorney wanted to evaluate if the shield laws that Gizmodo had highlighted do apply.

Meanwhile, Wired.com is reporting that the person who found the lost device actually tried to return it:

The finder attempted to notify Apple and find the owner of the device but failed, even going so far as to search alphabetically through Facebook, the source said. Thoughts then turned to contacting the press about the device to confirm its authenticity and help locate the owner, but early attempts to drum up interest went unanswered. After a few days with no response, the finder expanded the search.

According to their source who apparently has direct knowledge of the Gizmodo transaction claims that the $5000 payment for the lost iPhone prototype is incorrect.

News accounts depicting the $5,000 payment as a “sale” are incorrect, this person said. Rather, the agreement with Gizmodo was for exclusivity only. “It was made very explicit that Gizmodo was to help the finder return the phone to its rightful owner or give it back,” this person said. “Gizmodo said they could help restore the phone.”

Wired also claims that even they received an email on March 28 offering access to the lost device but did not follow up as the person was asking for money.

What would you have done if you had found the next generation iPhone in a bar?

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Source: Police Have Identified The Person Who Found Lost iPhone 4G Prototype

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