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Computer Competency Test For Non-IT Hires?

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wto605 writes “As computers are used for more and more vital business functions, small businesses must have office employees who understand the dangers of, and how to recognize and avoid, malware, spam, and phishing. After having been stung by monthly virus cleanups (at $75 an hour) due to an otherwise competent office manager, my parents have realized they need to be aware of their employees’ computer skills beyond the ability to type a letter in MS Word (currently the closest thing they have to a test of computer competence). The problem is, as a small business, they have no IT expert who would be able to judge a potential employee’s competency. I’m wondering if anyone knows of a good way to test these security/safety awareness skills, such as an online test, a set of questions, etc. I have already pointed them to Sonic Wall’s Spam and Phishing test, but it definitely does not cover all of the issues facing computer users.”

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