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Arizona “Papers, Please” Law May Hit Tech Workers

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dcblogs writes “H-1B workers and foreign students may think twice about attending school or working in Arizona as a result of the state’s new immigration law. If a police officer has a ‘reasonable suspicion’ about the immigration status of someone, the officer may ask to see proof of legal status. Federal immigration law requires that all non-US citizens, including H-1B workers, to carry documentation, but ‘no state until Arizona has made it a crime to not have that paperwork on your person,’ said immigration lawyer Sarah Hawk. It means that an H-1B holder risks detention every time they make a 7-11 run if they don’t have their papers, or if their paperwork is out of date because US immigration authorities are behind in processing (which condition does not make them illegal). The potential tech backlash over the law may have begun yesterday with a call by San Francisco City Atty. Dennis Herrera ‘to adopt and implement a sweeping boycott of the State of Arizona and Arizona-based businesses.’”

Source: Arizona “Papers, Please” Law May Hit Tech Workers

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