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Mass. Data Security Law Says “Thou Shalt Encrypt.”

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emeraldd writes with this snippet from SQL Magazine summarizing what he calls a “rather scary” new data protection law from Massachusetts: “Here are the basics of the new law. If you have personally identifiable information (PII) about a Massachusetts resident, such as a first and last name, then you have to encrypt that data on the wire and as it’s persisted. Sending PII over HTTP instead of HTTPS? That’s a big no no. Storing the name of a customer in SQL Server without the data being encrypted? No way, Jose. You’ll get a fine of $5,000 per breach or lost record. If you have a database that contains 1,000 names of Massachusetts residents and lose it without the data being encrypted that’s $5,000,000. Yikes.’”

Source: Mass. Data Security Law Says “Thou Shalt Encrypt.”

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