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What Happens When IPv4 Address Space Is Gone

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darthcamaro writes ‘We all know that IPv4 address space is almost all gone — but how will we know when the exact date is? And what will happen that day? In a new report, ARIN‘s CIO explains exactly what will happen on that last day of IPv4 address availability: ‘”We will run out of IPv4 address space and the real difficult part is that there is no flag date. It’s a real moving date based on demand and the amount of address space we can reclaim from organizations,” Jimmerson told InternetNews.com. “If things continue they way they have, ARIN will for the very first time, sometime between the middle and end of next year, receive a request for IPv4 address space that is justified and meets the policy. However, ARIN won’t have the address space. So we’ll have to say no for the very first time.”‘

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