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Ubuntu Linux Claims 12,000 Cloud Deployments

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darthcamaro writes “The cloud is more than just hype for Ubuntu. Canonical COO Matt Asay is now saying that they can count 12,000 deployments of the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud. He also thinks the cloud is where Ubuntu can make money — because in his view, the company for the last five years wasn’t set up to generate revenue. From the article: ‘The conversion of non-paying to paying users is often a difficult ratio to report for any open source effort, and Ubuntu is no exception. Asay noted that Canonical plans to get more aggressive at tracking its free-to-paid ratio on Ubuntu Linux and its related services and technologies. “For the first five years of the company’s life, it wasn’t set up to make money,” Asay said. “The company was set up to make a fantastic Linux distribution and other tools around it and get it out there and get people using it. That was the focus.” That’s now changing at Canonical as the emphasis is now shifting to generating revenues.’”

Source: Ubuntu Linux Claims 12,000 Cloud Deployments

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