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Phishing Education Test Blocked For Phishing

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An anonymous reader writes “It appears a website called ismycreditcardstolen.com, designed to ‘educate users about the dangers of phishing,’ has itself been flagged by Firefox as a reported web forgery. The site, which asks visitors to enter their credit card details to ‘see if they’ve been stolen’ takes the hapless visitor to a page warning them about the perils of phishing, giving them advice on how to avoid similar scams and also provides a link to the Anti-Phishing Working Group’s website. Or at least it did, until various browsers started blocking it. As the Sunbelt blog post notes, the project was likely doomed to failure both because of the domain name itself and also because it uses anonymous Whois data, which isn’t exactly going to make security people look at it in a positive light. Does anyone out there think this was a good idea? Or will malicious individuals start playing copycat on a public now trained to think sites like this are just ‘harmless education?’”

Source: Phishing Education Test Blocked For Phishing

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